Engagement Ring?

Sorry if this is kind of a stupid or silly question, but me and my girlfriend have been dating for a few years now and I've been planning to propose to her on her birthday in July. We've spoken a lot about marriage and our future so I'm pretty confident in the proposal, my only problem is I'm not sure what kind of ring I should get? What would be an acceptable price for an engagement ring? I don't really earn a lot so I wouldn't be going for something crazy expensive. I'd like to do an engraving as well but I'm not sure as to what to engrave in it? Our anniversary date sadly happens to fall onto the same day her father passed away, so I don't think it'd be a good option. Should I engrave my name, hers, a quote or something? Thanks in advance for any help!


The best engagement rings are the ones the couple picks out together. Consider having something unique made that reflects both your tastes but doesn't necessarily cost a lot. This bizarre desire to spring some surprise piece of jewelry on a woman then expect her to happily wear it just because you found it attractive is an odd throwback to the days of bride buying and arranged marriages. It'll be HER ring so she should be involved in the selection of it.


You should really get her input on some of these things, or she may end up not liking the ring. What's her taste in jewelry when she wears it, more conservative or more blingy... You may want to go ring shopping with her and see what she likes. Some women aren't comfortable wearing a big expensive ring, if they have more conservative taste in jewelry. For engraving you should make it special to both of you. But you don't have to get an engraving if you don't want to. Spend what ever you're comfortable spending, if you need a budget then make one and have that in mind when you go shopping. You have a few months, so you can save up some money if you want to. Just make sure that she's comfortable wearing the ring. With family heirlooms, that can be tricky. Some women want their own ring while others would be happy to wear an heirloom ring. So ask around in your family or hers if there's a ring that you can use to propose with. Also make sure that the ring you decide on can be resized if it doesn't fit.


You really need to think of something to have engraved on your own. And buy a ring within your budget right now. You can get another one a few years down the road if you want (or not, up to the two of you).


Why not talk to her about all this? It doesn't take the romance out of it, because you still get to surprise her with the proposal and pick how you do it. But if she's going to wear it the rest of her life, it makes sense to find out what she wants. This is especially true w/ the engraving. I personally don't like anything engraved, and I don't think I know anyone who has engraving on a ring. That doesn't mean it's wrong, of course, but it's an extra and possibly unnecessary expense. On the money, you don't want to incur any debt for this, because other expenses are on the horizon. You also don't want to wipe out your savings. So think it through, come up with a limit, and then go shopping with her.


If you've already spoken to her about marriage, then why aren't you asking HER what kind of ring she would want? An "acceptable price" for an engagement ring is whatever you can afford and whatever you feel is appropriate. Get an idea of what you can afford to spend, then go to a jeweler (not a chain/mall store like Kay or Jared's - an independent shop in town or in a big city's diamond district. Or a reputable website such as Blue Nile) and see what they have in stock, or what they could create in your price range. DO NOT buy a ring that you will be paying off for more than a month or two. Especially if you are already not doing great financially. You can always "upgrade" in a few years if a bigger ring really means that much to you guys. You don't have to engrave anything in the ring, you know. Skip it if you're not sure. Or talk to her after you propose and get it engraved with something SHE likes. If you aren't sure what kind of ring to get, then you have three options: - Tell her straight-up that you want her to pick out her own ring so you can propose. Go shopping together, or have her send you website links/pictures. - Propose without a ring, or even with a cheap fashion ring as a placeholder, and once she accepts you can go pick out the ring together and she can start wearing it right away. - Pick out the diamond/gemstone on your own, have the jeweler set it in a temporary plain setting, propose with that, and then tell your fiancee that she can pick out the setting. Go to the jeweler together and pick it out. That way you chose the stone on your own but she was able to get the setting she likes, and everybody wins.


No engraving necessary in the engagement ring. That can be done at a different time or on a different piece of jewelry. The engagement ring alone means enough, the engraving is superfluous in my opinion. Often times big jewelers can finance the ring you purchase so you can pay it over a few months up to a few years. I'd just pic a ring that you can afford. Don't try to over-spend. A simple solitaire ring is totally fine. Honestly, i would not choose a birthday or other celebratory day.... it already adds to the pressure. Do it on a random day she's not expecting at all!

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Don’t worry about wasting your money on the ring


spend what is affordable..as for what to engrave,either of these [how about your wedding date ;;example 01/26/19 or see pic below. I found love, & love was you..property of---- Please return with man if found You are my home...there is no leaving.I Can't Wait To Spend Eternity With You, My Best Friend What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. Matthew 19:6 or Jeremiah 29;11.....forever and forever and forever and forever and (continuous around ring) Truly, Deeply, Madly (followed by the infinity symbol, a heart symbol and a star symbol)I found love, & love was you The beginning of forever Now that I have you.Worth the wait,,,


Choose a symbolic with which to propose, and then return to the jeweler WITH her so that you two together can trade in the symbolic ring for "the REAL ring." That is, she pretty chooses what ring she wants to wear while you choose how much you can spend. So of course no engraving. Be guided by your good sense, not by Wedding Industry proclamations that "25% of your annual income" is appropriate. That might be a good guideline if you were wealthy enough to routinely spend 25% of your annual income on stuff like vacations, toys, and luxury baubles, but if you're like most of us and struggling to make ends meet, then no way should you be using 1/4 of your income on a ring.


Spend what you can easily afford.


The answers really depend on the two of you -- you should know her better than WE do. Jewelry stores will tell you to spend the same as two or three months' salary - if you make $1000 a month, then buy a ring worth $2000-$3000. But it's really up to you and your future spouse. When my husband and I talked about marriage, I told him that I would NEVER be comfortable wearing a ring worth so much money. My engagement ring was only about $200. I also know several woman who didn't want something "basic" like gold and diamonds, they wanted Celtic knots, or sapphires, or they wanted to wear a family heirloom or something. So, best thing to do might be to have another conversation about marriage, or take a look through her jewelry, or ask her mom or sister, to find out what she wants to wear for the rest of her life. As for engraving, I don't have any in my ring. It's not a requirement. You could wait until after the proposal and ask her if she wants to have both of your wedding bands engraved, and see what she wants. Or do whatever you think is best - your names, "I love you," the title of "your song," a meaningful Bible verse, or whatever is important to the two of you as a couple.