How to have a budget wedding and reception?

Live at the beach. Want something simple. Prefer beach wedding but don't know where to have a reception that is budget friendly. Just trying to think of ideas where to have a reception at. I live near myrtle beach. Was gonna do the wedding on the beach. Venues cost so much so trying to find ideas.


Beach weddings can be incredibly romantic, but you need to do your research locally. One big negative is that if you're trying to save money, you wouldn't be using a hotel's beach frontage, so you'd probably be on a public beach. This means anyone is free to walk by and watch (or worse). Another potential problem is weather. If it's raining, you'll have to provide some kind of tent or protection. On a public beach, you'd need to make sure this is allowed. You make it a bit tough by not being more specific about your budget. One option you could look into is seeing if there's a small crab shack or whatever right on the beach. Maybe you could take it over at an odd hour and then have more privacy. By "odd", I mean sunrise or after sunset. I know someone who did this in FL. Overall, though, you need to keep an open mind about having it in someone's backyard. These can be really nice and you don't run into some of the problems you'll face trying to organize it on a beach.


Keep the guest list small and have the reception at someone's home - preferably outside for more room. I've been to a wedding like this - it was lovely. For the meal, they had a huge bbq and had the rest of the food catered.


I kept the guest list small and married in the morning. Afterwards we had breakfast with champagne toasts at a nearby hotel. It's a lot less costly to give people breakfast and coffee than it is to give them supper and booze. And the restaurant manager printed up special menus that didn't offer costlier items like steak & eggs, like lox platter, like fancy coffee drinks. After the meal, we had conversation and laughs, had a little recorded music and pushed the table against the wall to make room to dance, and then everyone went home happy.


just have a BBQ in the backyard


Do it in your backyard.


If you live at the beach, have the reception in the summer at your place. A bbq would work.


Hire a venue that can do both ceremony and reception, has furniture and crockery/cutlery already and own caterer. You will usually save money this way as you do not have to hire out furniture, marquee etc.


If you want to get married on the actual beach, be aware that commercially produced weddings are not allowed. This means that if you’re going to be paying anyone to produce your wedding…a photographer, officiant, caterer, etc. ... that it cannot take place on a public beach. However, non-commercial weddings are allowed. Just remember that when you’re on a public beach there will be other beach-goers around you. Beaches cannot be cleared for weddings. Both commercial and non-commercial weddings are allowed in public parks; but just like at the beach, other park goers cannot be required to leave. Call Myrtle Beach City Hall for more information.


Do it in the beach or a hire a marque also dont invite unnecessary people

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