Why do people these days prefer destination weddings?



spoiled rich kids... who think that they are the best, happiest, couple and deserve everything. I'm sorry, but I'm not traveling to bora bora for your damn wedding I don't care about. not to mention, they NEVER pay for you to travel there. keep that for the honeymoon if you want to travel.

real estate guy

it's a fade.


Because they're f**king expensive and inconvenient.


To tell you the truth I don't really know. Unless you have money to throw around, they're inconvenient and expensive for the guests.


They see it on TV, and think it's everyone's fantasy so why not ours? What they don't see is what it does to the people left behind, who cannot travel or afford to go. It's a ridiculous, self-centered concept, brought to the public by the wedding and entertainment industry, which wants nothing more than to get you and all your friends to spend as much as possible. It's really that simple. Money, and stupid people who think it's what everyone does.


I considered it for a while, I liked the idea of having a little holiday and getting married. It can reduce your number of guests if they have to travel and can't afford to, so they're good if you want a smaller wedding. Also you have to make sure that your wedding is legit in both countries. You can have pictures any where you decide to get married, they will be special because it was your wedding day.


So you can have pics/memories and go back and relive it if you wanted. It makes it more meaningful that way.j If I had to guess who knows.