How much should an engagement ring cost?



Nothing. It is a scam perpetrated by the diamond industry. They are intrinsically worthless.


What you can afford depending on if your girl is a total ***** and expects you to pay thousands of dollars on her ring or if she doesn't expect you to pay that much. My ring cost $25 at Walmart because my man knew that I didn't want a flashy diamond ring


What ever you're comfortable spending.



Jerry S

what you can afford.


an engagement ring doesn't have to necessarily be expensive. if your significant other only wants an expensive engagement ring just so they can show it off to family and friends that you should probably reconsider marrying them.


A real man would make his own ring, out of wire or something. Or take one from grandma. Don't waste money. You'll need it after drump bankrupts America

Trivial One

Whatever you can reasonably afford. Do not listen to marketing "standards" such as two or three months salary: that's purely a marketing strategy designed to separate you from your money. Spend enough to show you're serious, but not so much as to be foolish. What that amount is is different for everyone. My husband used a family heirloom ring and didn't spend a cent. Good by me.




Depends on the quality of the ring


The jewelry business wants people to spend several months salary on a ring, but that's clearly self serving. Spend what your budget can comfortably handle.


The ring i wanted to buy was really cheap, the salary thing...i make enough that i could’ve bought any ring she might’ve wanted and she knows exactly how much i make. But she loves the ring although it’s a 2 part ring. One half for the engagement and another half when we got married to make one bigger ring.


There's no answer to that. You can spend as much or as little as you like. The two extremes to be avoided are: 1. Don't be a cheapskate-- that is, don't deliberately stint for selfish reasons. 2. Don't spend more than you can reasonably afford and absolutely do not go into debt to pay for jewellery.


What you can reasonably afford based on your financial situation. Anyone who quotes the "2-3 month's salary" thing has bought into a marketing scheme invented by jewelry companies. That "rule" was literally invented to sell more jewelry. It's absolutely moronic to follow that advice.


If it puts you in debt its to expensive. The ring is a symbol its not there for eye candy. If either of you are hung up about the ring you should reassess


You should spend whatever you can afford and what you feel is appropriate. The ring should cost whatever it's worth. Metal choice and diamond size/quality all play a role.


Do like most couples are dpinb these days; Find out your girlfriends' ring size somehow without her being suspicious, what she likes in the looks department for rings somehow, and get a set off of Amazon!

I want ONLY diamond ring. My wife will be great.


It depends on what the person wants


I would say it depends on several factors, are you still in school? Living with parents? Does your future spouse keep up with things or prone to losing them? 3 months salary can get an average ring or a really nice ring that needs to be insured.

Pat D

Consider it a good question to discuss between you and your betrothed. It's a discussion about your values, how you decide to spend your collective money, and so many hard but important things to work with together to resolve.


Approximately 10-20% of your annual salary. But it really depends on the couple. If you have more assets, maybe it can cost a little more. If you would rather spend money a different way and go simpler, remember the love is more important that any symbol.


As much or as little as you want.


One disposable organ


Whatever you can comfortably afford (and not a penny more).


In my opinion the cost really doesn't matter what matters is the effort and the value that that ring means to you.


In my opinion, the engagement ring shouldn't cost an arm and a leg. It's not going to be the ring you wear your entire life, so it should be a lot cheaper than the wedding ring. I told my boyfriend he could buy a $50 ring at Target and I'd be happy. I think he spent somewhere between $200-$300 on mine.


Price shouldnt matter, dont go super cheap but make it meaningful


A ring does not mean anything it is an object real Love is about what you feel not what you have on you....and even the cheapest ring if its from the heart is worth more than the rings only millionaires can buy


Whatever you’re able to afford.