I am invited to a wedding this summer in the family. I am honored and humbled to have been asked. How do I go despite of home emergency?

If come wedding time one of my mother's parents has fallen ill, they are 87 and 88 and overweight, how do I still go and make sure host knows I am still coming? I am so scared the host will think Ia m staying cause my parents are and be mad when I come. I am also so scared of the devastation and loss of missing the wedding in event the grandparent dies in which case I would have to stay home for the funeral. Whenever I am excited this excitement results in fear of disappointment. I am very excited about this wedding, I am the only of my parents' children chosen to be invited. I am the "chosen one". It is for a 2nd cousin I went to school with. The wedding is not until July 20th. Wedding is in New York State and I'd be travelling from Fort Worth, TX which is where the grandparents live also.


If you RSVP that you will be attending, your hosts will expect you to attend unless you let them know otherwise.


It would be great if i had the vaguest idea what you're talking about


Respond to the invitation promptly. Pick up your phone and talk to your hosts. Thank them for inviting you and tell them that you accept their invitation with great pleasure. If you wish, you may also respond formally, in writing. If there is NOT a family emergency "come wedding time" then you need do nothing more; just attend the event and enjoy yourself. If there IS a family emergency, THEN call your hosts and either apologize for inconveniencing them by NOT attending the event OR reassure them that despite the emergency your intention is to attend the event as planned. If the emergency gets worse, you can always call again to let them know you won't be able to attend and to apologize. Anytime one accepts a formal invitation and then, just prior to the event must renege on the commitment, it is gracious to send an especially generous gift to say "Thank you for inviting me; I'm sorry for the inconvenience I caused."


If you have athe time and money to attend and want to attend to RSVP yes. Then make your travel and hotel plans. You can not put your life on hold waiting for your grandparents to die, The couple will assume you will attend since you rsvp’d yes to the invitation. If an emergency comes up, a grandpart does die, then you would inform the couple of the emergency and that you can not now attend.


I think you need therapy. You're worrying yourself over absolutely nothing here. ANYONE can drop dead at any time, for any reason - age, illness, sudden aneurysm or heart attack, hit by a bus, etc. If there's a legit concern that a loved one might be dying during that time period, then you're better off just declining the invitation entirely. If you choose to attend a wedding and then a true emergency comes up at the last minute, communicate your regrets to the couple and just stay home and deal with it. People understand when there's a legit emergency ... there's a difference between "I couldn't come because my grandpa died last night" or "My grandma was put on life support a couple days ago and isn't expected to survive" versus "I am not coming because I didn't feel like it" or even "I'm not coming because I decided that since my grandpa is old he might pass away one of these days so I changed my mind." Again, canceling last minute with a LEGIT emergency is understandable. But dropping out last minute because you had a sudden change of heart or are worrying yourself with hypothetical situations is just flakey and rude.


skip the stupid wedding. your grandparents are more important.