What are some song ideas for walking down the isle?

I'm wanting a something that shows I am surprised and blessed that this is happening. A friend of mine did the mission impossible theme and I really liked that, but don't want to do the same thing.


Why would you be "surprised" at your own wedding? You're PLANNING it.


Why are you picking something that sends a message? Nobody's going to pick up on that. Find something you really like and just use it. Also, google is helpful here. Look for processional music.


Any song that talks about the importance of spelling. Seriously, look up the word "isle" in the dictionary.


I got married in a church. They gave me a list of songs I could use for my wedding. I could only pick from those songs. Assuming you are not getting married in a church, or if you are they do not care about what music. I would suggest google moderate songs to walk down they aisle to. You may find something you like


Why are you surprised? You met someone, built a relationship together and are now marrying. If you're surprised maybe you didn't think this all the way through. Little girls are surprised by weddings.


" If I'd shot her when I met her I'd be out of jail by now" by diesel doug and the long distance truckers it's a real song


What's wrong with the traditional Wedding March?


Another one bites the dust Stop in the name of love Walk away


what the hell?


Sounds stupid to me.. Mission Impossible theme? Think about that for a minute.. your friend views her marriage as impossible.. how focking sad is that. Sorry, but "something that shows I'm surprized" that you're getting married would really make me question whether or not you should be going through with the ceremony. Being surprised that you're getting married shows that you have no faith in yourself as a person, that you don't believe you should be happy, etc. How can a bride be surprized? Surely if you planned the wedding it's not a surprize.. Please stop trying to be trendy or funny or whatever it is you're trying to do. It's not cool.


Angus - take you higher


sorry, nothing beats the wedding march typically played

Anonymous: Not a song, but an instrumental https

Not a song, but an instrumental https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lxrtiuZmqYw

ahandle101: The Final Countdown. https

The Final Countdown. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9jK-NcRmVcw


I assume you mean walking down the isle at your wedding? Bruno Mars..Uptown Funk??? Great song