I am one of only two cousins invited to the wedding of one of my cousins this April. How do I show my appreciate for the invite?

My cousin Alex is getting married in April and I am one of only two chosen ones invited to the wedding as it is a cousin who isn't that close to the rest of the family.


1. You acknowledge and respond to the invitation very promptly. Acknowledge is the "thank you for inviting me" part. Respond is the "of those invited, who will and who will not attend" part. 2. Before the event, you send a handwritten message to the hosts saying that you appreciate being invited and especially looking forward to seeing them. 3. Be a social angel at the event, exerting yourself to make the event a success. Focus on making sure that others are having a good time doing things like dancing with those who can't find partners, rescuing wall flowers and introducing them to some friendly group, making sure elders has seats and are comfortable, introducing yourself to people from "the other side" and showing them how friendly and gracious your family is, and so on. 4. After the event, you send a short handwritten message to the couple saying congratulations & best wishes for a lifetime of wedding bliss and also thanking them for letting you be part of their wonderful wedding. If you rae financially able, send a gift along with the message.


You check off either "Accepts" or "Declines" on the RSVP card and mail it back promptly. When you're at the wedding, you thank the hosts for inviting you. You can say something like "It's a beautiful wedding" or "You both look wonderful" but you don't have to fawn all over them for inviting you. It's weird and unnecessary. It's none of your business who else may or may not have been invited, and why. Don't be weird and rude enough to call attention to the fact that you're one of the "chosen cousins," barf.


You RSVP as per your attendance, and give a card/gift according to your means.


The same way you would any other wedding. In general, I show up to the wedding looking my best, congratulate them and maybe thank them individually for including me/my family and I always bring a gift.