How far removed does a cousin need to be before it becomes legal to marry them in the US?

Obviously you can't marry your first, second or third cousin, but what about your fourth, fifth, seventh or tenth cousin? Where is the line drawn in the US?


"Obviously you can't marry your first, second or third cousin" You are wrong. Second cousins can marry in all 50 states in the USA. First cousins can marry in about 15 states (give or take). A couple of those states have further restrictions such as first cousins must be over the age of 50, 55 or 65 depending on the state.

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First cousin marriages are legal in 25 of the 50 states. Not a single state bans marriage between a second cousin. So there is your line.


You are mistaken. Second and third cousins can marry in all English-speaking countries. Some US states disallow first-cousin marriages.

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Just look it up :

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You can marry your first cousin in a few states and second cousin and beyond in any state.


2nd cousins are not closely related, still, get off the family tree


As far as I know first cousins are not allowed to marry but you can marry 2nd, 3rd, etc. Check with your state laws first.


Actually first cousin marriage IS allowed in 20 of the 50 US states. Second cousin marriage is allowed in all of them.

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You can definitely marry your third cousin you can also Mary your second cousin I'm just not sure and how many states so you're wrong right off the bat


In most U.S. states, a marriage between 2nd cousins and higher cousins is legally allowed. The line is drawn at 1st cousins. You can never marry your 1st cousin, in almost every state.


Franklin and Eleanor were 5th cousins. 2nd cousin in the US are allow to married. Some states will let first cousins married. Maine would, if they will not have children


not sure about the US, but here in New Zealand you can marry your cousin, but not your second cousin


Each state has their own laws pertaining to marrying extended family members. In my state you can marry your second cousin if you're over age fifty-five or have proof of sterilization.


Some stated you can marry second cousins. Kentucky or around Kentucky. A border state.


First cousins cant marry.


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