In an Same Sex marriage wich last name will be taken?



All the same-sex couples I know kept their own names.


Your choice. It's also your choice which name you take in a heterosexual marriage. Taking the surname of the man in that situation isn't required. It's all about choice. Many couples these days hang on to their own names.


Whatever you choose it to be. In a male/female marriage, its usually the man's last name that the woman takes. Sometimes she may hyphenate her last name and his.


There are no rules on this for straight or same gender couples. Of the gay marrieds I know all the partners kept their own last names and hyphenated the surnames of their children.


Depends on the couple and what name they want to take, there's also the option of hyphenating. You should discuss this together so your officiant knows what to announce you as once you're married. To warn you, changing your name can be expensive. You may have to update all of your government documents like passports, licenses to your married name. I decided to remain with my maiden name, I'm not gay though. My husband's last name can be tricky to pronounce and it would make my last name very long if I hyphenate it. My last name is Smith, so I decided to have Mrs. Smith until I decide what to do with my husband's last name.


It depends upon the couple and their preferences. My best friend and her wife combined their last names and both used the combined last names at their new surnames. My other friend and his husband didn't change their last names when they married but they do use both last names combined for their children.


Depends on the couple (always, not just with the LGBTQ crowd). There are plenty of straight couples where no one changes their name, and there are some straight couples where couples combine last names, choose a new name together, one/both hyphenate, etc. Same goes for gay couples. There s no set rule, and masculinity/femininity doesn t always enter into it. It ALWAYS comes down to what works for the couple. It s their decision. Pretty simple, actually.




Probably double barrel name ie both


Why don't you guys just switch last names?


Same as in a heterosexual marriage - whatever name(s) they want.

Big Mouth

They just kinda combine the two. For example, if one is named Ponds and the other one is named Lutt, they become Pondslutt.


It's entirely up to the couple - they can choose to take one of the surnames, to keep their own, to double-barrel, or create a new one. (Technically, just the same as any marriage)


That would be up to the couple getting married.


There's no answer to that, since there's no requirement for a married person to change surname.


In any marriage, any spouse who wishes to do so may change his or her name.


Whichever they choose, same as with any other couple.


whoever's the b*tch. or whichever one wears the pants in this.


Not too sure I think they can choose. I did know a gay man once who married his boyfriend and they adopted a double barrel name, consisting of both of their names together


I'm not real sure. I work with a married lesbian couple. One of them is more feminine so she took the more masculine one's last name.


That's a decision for the couple. They can both take each other's last name, both have the same one or keep things as is... just like any other type of couple. My husband and I are straight and we have different last names.


The one that act more like the man or more masculine