I have a couple questions about getting married in Biloxi MS and how I can do that.?

1. When we obtain our marriage license, do we need to residents of MS? 2. Is there any place that we can get married within the courthouse? 3. Do we have to wait 72 hours for the license to be valid after we have obtained it? Currently my fiance is in training at Keesler and we're just trying to figure out how to get married within a weekend after his birthday and I do not live in MS. Thank you.


Biloxi MS 730 DR Luther King JR Blvd. You can print out the application before you go. 23 in cash, check that amount out no wait period in MS You do not have to live in MS. You have to be over 21 without parent consent, I would check that out. You will need your birth certificate you have up to 60 days to get married google this information by getting married in Biloxi Ms


You'd both go to the Harrison County Courthouse with all your ID to buy a marriage license. Then you'd either have arranged a formal wedding or you'll just book time at that same courthouse for a civil ceremony in front of a judge.