Is $150,000 a good wedding budget?



depends. save for divorce too

Const. King: Free advice

Free advice: get married in your yard or have simple church wedding. Put the $150,000 down on a house. It's not worth spending that amount of money for 1 day of putting on the dog & feeding other people.


Bragging I don't like...

Common Sense

I am not quite sure I would use $150,000 and the words "wedding budget" in the same sentence; unless I was buying a condo. Only the person spending the money can know if they are spending beyond their financial means.


Sure, if you're a Kartrashian

Lois Griffin

no --- it's excessive.


Umm no, not at all. That is 3 times my parents yearly wage for a wedding? That’s ubsurd, if you are that irresponsible with money there is something wrong with you.


No, it's a ridiculous amount to spend in the US, considering our divorce statistics. If you can't promise to love and support each other for life without spending thousands on flowers, table decorations, 200 bridesmaids and groomsmen, you are set up for failure from the start. It is possible to have a quite nice wedding with all your family and friends for $5,000 or less. I spent about $500 and my husband and I have been married for just shy of 23 years. If you really want to throw away that much money, how about throwing it towards a charity like Doctors Without Borders or a local homeless shelter?


If that's what you want to spend, then yes. I personally would not spend that much on a wedding. The average wedding in the U.S. costs $25k. I would personally rather have a small wedding ceremony and buy a car or put a down payment on a home or just not go into debt like some people do.

Kim R: Since you're asking, here's my advice

Since you're asking, here's my advice: spend $20,000 on the wedding and reception, $15,000 on the honeymoon and the rest can go as a down payment on a house. I wish you luck.


it's a good waste of money that no one cares about how much you spent on your wedding...

Zulcan The Great.

Too expensive. I suggest that you spend 15% of that amount and donate the rest to charity.


very big budget


That's just crazy. Marriage isn't just one day to blow money. Be prepared for a fast divorce.


Buy a house instead. The bigger the party the shorter the marriage is a good rule of thumb.


Why do I feel this isn't true?


I've never had a wedding so don't know how much they cost, but I think it's safe to say you have WAY more than you need unless you plan on having a HUGE wedding.


It's a good budget for a house. It's a waste of money for a wedding. Spend between 5,000 and 10,000 for the wedding and save the rest for a house.


That is absolutely absurd. We had a wonderful wedding and spent way less than $1000 for it.


No! You can put that towards a house.


That is ridiculous and frivolous spending. Who is paying for this wedding, Donald Trump.




feel sorry for the guy that marrying that girl


Sure, if you have that much money to throw around.. Personally, I wouldn't spend more than $10K on a wedding.


Don't spend it all you will need some after the divorce


More then enough, but IMO its too much - spend less on the wedding and reception and then you can have a great honeymoon.


No. I spent no more than two fiddy.


My first HOUSE didn't even cost $150,000, let alone my wedding.


thats a big healthy budget


Quit being cheap