Is it okay to have a honeymoon a year after the marriage?

A full exact year. To the day. Like take the plane on that day. And stay for a week only.

Trivial One

You can do whatever you want to. There are no laws about it.


No reason it wouldn't be.


It's okay to have a honeymoon any time you like, or even not at all. This is merely tradition and not everyone functions in such a traditional manner anymore.


Yes. All a honeymoon is, is a vacation.


Depends. Are you going together or separately?




um no that's not how it's done. that's what's called an anniversary...

Beverly S

Of course it's okay! Do you think there is a law against it?

Jerry: The word "honeymoon

The word "honeymoon: has come to be used for any romantic getaway, especially that of a married couple. I've even heard a weekend getaway for couples called a "mini-moon."


Yes..have fun


do what you want! It's not the law that you have to leave the day after your wedding lol


You can have the honeymoon 60 years after the wedding, if you want to. It's traditional to have it immediately, because that's when the couple just got started with their lives together. One year later, and the honeymoon stage is already long over, even if they did not have their official honeymoon yet. That's why most do it immediately. But, you can have it whenever you want.


Yes but very awkward


Yes this is fine, now my wife and I have never been on a honeymoon nor do we ever indend to go on one we don't need trips to be happy.


For sure!


Call it whatever you want, but a honeymoon is usually right after the wedding, maybe a few days buy not a whole year.


You can have one 10 years after you get married. Whenever you want.


have a smaller get-away to celebrate at least for a day or two after the marriage. you'll need a break from all the excitement. then have the bigger, longer, trip later.


At that point, it would generally be viewed as an anniversary holiday, rather than a honeymoon.


A honeymoon is a vacation. You may take a vacation at any time.


Considering how much some spend on weddings, i imagine some couples might need a year to save for the honeymoon!


Yes, you can call your holiday a honeymoon if you wish to.


Yes, but in all honesty, it is just a vacation at that point. Call it whatever you want and take advantage of whatever perks you can get from being on your honeymoon. It is the time you are your spouse get away and have some romance. Traditionally, honeymoons were right after the marriage because the bride and groom often lived with their parents and this was the first time for them to be alone together for romance. Those days are gone.


Yes. It helps in building up a good family bonding too.


It's not like honeymoon police will show up if you do, is it? Honestly, you can do whatever you want and call it anything you like. It's for you and your spouse to enjoy - it's mostly irrelevant to anyone else.


You can do a honeymoon trip whenever you want, or skip it entirely.


A Honeymoon is taken right after the wedding. Not all couples take a Honeymoon. You are taking a vacation. If you want to call it a honeymoon, go ahed.


You can do whatever you want. It's called a honeymoon when it's taken right after the wedding, for various cultural or historical reasons, but it's just another name for a vacation.


Whatever you choose. It's your marriage, your honeymoon.


Yes of course