My boyfriend and I plan on getting married but I know **** all about weddings, help?

I’ve been really focused on the marriage instead of the wedding. We are in love and of course are working through issues but we are really committed to each other and starting a family together. That’s really where my focus is. I am a child of divorce and so the whole concept of building a life and family with someone is one that needs my full attention. The other day someone mentioned a bridal chest and I had no clue what it was and they said “You don’t know what a bridal chest is?!” And I had a mini panic attack. Where do I find out about wedding stuff, like for beginners? Links & vids are extra appreciated 💗


It's actually better you don't know about weddings and the ridiculous stuff that comes with it. I'm pretty sure I had a bridal chest, it was a pile of stuff that was bought for me over many years like sheets, towels and stuff that a new bride would use. It was started when I was very young and I got rid of it in my teens. By the time you do use these things it is so old fashioned, I had silk sheets! Actually they probably weren't because they were cheap and slippery as hell, as if I would have used them.


I m married, and I ve been lurking on the wedding section of Yahoo Answers for 10 years now, and I don t even know what a bridal chest is. A wedding planning book is a good idea. I really liked "Bridal Bargains: Secrets to Planning a Fantastic Wedding on a Realistic Budget because it has good advice to keep you from getting lured in to paying too much by the wedding industry. It s also helpful to have a wedding planning timeline so you can break things down into simple steps. You can find one just by googling for it. Just realize that you don t have to include everything that the timeline mentions. As long as you have a place to host the wedding and feed your guests, they ll be happy. Feel free to ignore things on the list that you don t feel are needed.


If you are getting married in a Church, you both should be going there every Sunday! You don't have to be an expert but if you want a good strong marriage, you both need to go to Church every week before and after the marriage even if you don't get married in a Church!


um... what's a bridal chest? look, you don't need to know crap. just set up a date at a venue and go for it.

Beverly S

A bridal chest is not part of a wedding... not needed.


The person who asked you about a bridal chest is clearly old school.. Bridal chests harken back in the day when girls lived at home until the day of their wedding. They would amass the things they would need to set up home with their new husband someday. Hope chests are a thing of the past; replaced with a bridal shower. Instead of the bride spending years embroidering her own tea towels in anticipation of washing the dishes, people close to the bride host a "shower", in which guests are expected to "shower" the bride with gifts of things she will need to set up her new household. Again.. these are very traditional, and were in effect when girls lived at home as the "property" of her father. A hope chest has nothing to do with the actual wedding. Neither does any sort of shower or hen night. The wedding ONLY requires you and your partner to say the legally required vows in front of two witnesses. That is how you get married. In 2019, girls don't have hope chests.


IDK what a "bridal chest" is either. You need a marriage license, a properly certified officiant, and if you're inviting guests then you need chairs for every single person plus food and drinks to feed them. Everything else is 100% optional - photographer, flowers, bridesmaids and groomsmen, a veil, a honeymoon, rings, etc. You can go big or small or medium; fancy or casual; waiter-staff plated chicken dinner or a barbecue buffet; white gown and veil or a colorful cocktail dress; or nice pants or cultural outfits; quiet dinner/luncheon or dinner and dancing; alcohol or just soft drinks; etc. Visit your town's City Hall and find the office that deals with marriage licenses and telling you who is legally certified to officiate your wedding. And ask the clerk to tell you what you will need to do. Or visit the state's official website (.gov) and look for the forms to download and fill out to obtain a marriage license. Pay close attention to the date regulations ... you can't just walk into City Hall the day before you plan to marry and ask for a marriage license, for example. If you are religious and want to marry in your church/temple, or want your minister to come to a location of your choice (hotel, banquet hall, your home/yard, a rental facility like a museum or art gallery, etc.), then make an appointment with your minister ASAP and ask what you need to do. Some religions want you to do pre-marital counseling with them, or show them your baptism certificates first. Some religions (Catholic, for example) won't perform your wedding anywhere except the church. You can find checklists if you Google -, Wedding Wire, Wedding Channel, Offbreat Bride, Martha Stewart Weddings, Real Simple Weddings, or pick up a bridal magazine in the grocery store.


You can find out all about planning a wedding if you Google it.


Try a 'For Dummies ' book. No offense.

Kathy Smith

you don't need to know anything


I don't know what a bridal chest is- it's probably a hope chest where a girl would collect linens and lingerie in anticipation of her marriage- but that goes back to when girls embroidered things as part of their education. The only good thing about them is they tend to be made out of cedar, and they're fabulous for storing sweaters in the summer. Clearly, you will be fine without one. There are some things you should consider, when planning your wedding. First, there will be some people who have been waiting your whole life to see you get married, and it's usually only fair to invite them and share the moment. Getting married means you join two families, and strengthen your own, and it's very special to have those people present. So when someone happily tells you to elope, keep in mind it will likely hurt some people. I would warn against it unless you are on your second marriages, or have serious family problems. You will find people in your family you never realized cared that much, who will be overjoyed for you. There are a lot of things that go by protocol, and for the same reason of not wanting to hurt anyone, you should get a copy of Emily Post's Guide to Etiquette. There are traditional roles that others will know about, and you don't want to walk into a problem by not knowing about them. There are other things in the book as well- that will all come in handy in your life as an adult. You need a few fundamental things to get married, and the rest is traditional fanfare. A marriage certificate, a place to be married, an officiant (a clergy member or Justice of the Peace, for instance)...the rest is extra. You should speak to the officiant first, and book a date when they- and the church, temple or wedding venue is available. THEN you look for a reception location. You will find that the minute you mention "wedding",everything gets more expensive. You will also find that the minute you start discussing your wedding choices, everyone around you will have an opinion. Don't forget, it's YOUR wedding. Look online, decide what you can afford, and unless you are willing to let someone else control the choices, try and pay for it yourselves. You can always come here for too much advice- but at least we are relatives,, and won't fight over it on your wedding day or drive you nuts. Best of luck. And good on you for working everything out with your relationship first. Discuss the hard questions, so you'll be ready when the time is right.


Weddings are to legally married two people. A wedding could be as simple as two people at a courthouse. Or At a church then a reception for over 300 people. Or Anything in between. There nothing wrong with a small simple ceremony with a meal after. You do not have to invite everyone you know. You could just invite 10 or 30 or any other numbers. You do not need extra's like bridal chest or showers or bachelorette parties. I had a friend that had an engagement party, that what they told family, it was their wedding. They surprise their guest with a wedding. So you do not have tell people you are having a wedding. You could get a book on planning a wedding or go on the internet, and read. They will tell you a lot of information that is not needed. My advice is plan the wedding you want. Don't worry about what a wedding should be. If you just go to a courthouse and get married, it's a wedding. A lot of couples do that or elope, they are just as married as couples who get married in front of 200+ people. Figure out what you want. There nothing wrong with getting married in your house in front of a few family and friends. You only need a marriage license and a person to marry you.


Keep it simple. You dont need all the expensive complicated crap. Elope if you want! If not, just have a simple catered event or a simple ceremony and reception at a local restaurant. I had no professional photos, minimal flowers, no bridesmaids no * chests* lol who needs the drama? Just focus on you and him, its both your day. Dont ask everyones opinion and focus on a nice honeymoon. Many people get so stressed and spend so much $$ on the wedding they dont stay married long. The only opinions that matter are yours and his. Dont fall into all the Bridal tv shows etc. Good luck. We kept it simple and are still maried 15 years.