Wedding dress planning?

So I'm currently planning my wedding and I had an appointment at this wedding dress store to pick out a dress, but my grandmother went to this store called unclaimed baggage and found me a beautiful dress for a really good price. I told her to buy it for me because I have a feeling I will love it and she showed me pictures. She said she doesn't want to seem pushy and that it was my decision whether I wanted it or not. I think I would rather have the dress she got me instead of buying one myself for a pricey amount. Is it okay for my grandmother to pick out my dress? She's gonna fix it up how I want it. I'm probably also going to cancel my appointment if I can wear it.


I don't understand what the problem is. Your grandma found you a great dress, so you have a great dress.


Wear the dress you want. You don't "have" to do anything in regards to your dress. I don't get why you're so confused about this.


Surely you can make this decision. You don't need our or anyone else's permission. Just don't wait until the last minute to cancel that appt.


I don't see anything wrong with that at all. You're saving money, and I'm assuming your grandma has the skills to do just about anything you want done to the dress, so I say go for it!


As long as you are 100% content with whatever dress you get, it doesn't matter where it came from or who found it.


Your grandmother who found the dress is essentially no different than the sales lady you would meet at the bridal store. Each will present dresses for you to choose. So make sure you let your grandmother know she isn't making a decision for you, that you are making it for yourself. Then definitely cancel your appointment. Shopping beyond that point will only serve to potentially create buyers remorse on the dress your grandmother found and will serve no positive purpose.


That would actually be a more meaningful and sentimental outcome than just buying something new off the rack. Congratulations on being spared the often unbearable decision making process when it comes to finding the right wedding dress.


If you're happy with the dress she's got - then go for it. You can always make a new appointment at the bridal place if you don't like it after you've seen it


why should I tell you what to do or what to like? it's your dress....


You told your grandmother to buy it, because you trust her to know what suits you. You like the dress. Are you concerned about upsetting the sales lady by cancelling the appointment? She will forget you. Anyone who criticizes you for wearing a dress chosen by your granny is not worth worrying about.


Go with the dress your grandmother found. What I did not understand is why it's a problem. Why didn't you see if your grandma could of put the dress on hold and try it on. Liking the pictures of a dress, does not mean you like it on you. You had her buy it. Once you told your grandma to buy it, you picked your dress