Any recommendations for amount of Downer to get a mild high?

Been really high strung lately, getting some Valuim to see if it'll help calm me down But I know this stuff can be dangerous and I aint looking to OD or be unresponsive during the day. Any recommendations on how I should regulate this stuff- downers - w/e so I don't go overboard


Valium is NOT a downer.It is a Benzo .


Follow the instructions from the pharmacy. Don't buy on the street. Meditation and exercise are both healthy ways to relax. Cognitive-behavioral psychology can help you learn HOW to stop getting keyed up.


You can't really OD on Valium, or other drugs of that type, they are not like the drugs they replaced year ago (barbiturates etc.). The problem with them is not one of toxicity, it is that they are addictive and prolonged use will result in physical dependency.

Karen L

Your doctor can suggest the right dosage. If you're not getting it as a prescribed drug, you're an idiot.