Do you sell watermelons and wine in the same party store?


Emily Rose

No bc i do not work there


I sell both watermelons and wine in my grocery store.

Fat Brian 🐄


Blue nose

I would have thought so


I sell wine gums ,and cigars half price ,nearby cause it is lucrative


Some USA States allow wine sales in supermarkets and those supermarkets could have watermelons depending on their location and time of year. Rarely, are watermelons sold in a liquor store. You are lucky if they sell lemons or limes. Watermelons are still available in Las Vegas, where I live, but the sale is on Pineapples for $1 each today at La Bonita markets, and limes at 3 pounds for $1. Mini-Seedless are $3 each at my local Smiths Food, and they are well stocked with all wines.


No I don't. A call to YOUR local party store would answer the question - I am about 99% sure these two things aren't sold in party stores. Wine maybe depending where you live.....watermelons are grocery store items.


I don't work in a party store, so I don't sell anything.