I am taking medication and I can’t drink alcohol. The thing is I am an alcoholic and don’t know how to stop. Can anyone give me suggestions?



First, you need to be honest with your health care provider. Second, you need medical treatment for the disease you haven't yet told your health care provider about.


You just make yourself NOT drink. There is no secret to it. If you are addicted, you will go through withdrawal symptoms, but if you remain dry they will not come back. Alcoholics drink to try to avoid having to face their pain. This doesn't work and it doesn't get rid of your pain. Get some therapy. But FOR NOW, book yourself into a residential treatment program. Regardless of what is going on in your life.


speak to a doctor asap you're endangering you're life


Pretend that someone will give you one million dollars to stop drinking. Would you be able to stop then?




This gets personal, but I hope it helps you. If you try to stop drinking and you begin having withdrawal symptoms like I did (namely shakiness), you need to check in to a hospital to medically detox the safe way. Detoxing "cold turkey" can be dangerous, with seizures as a big risk. Everyone's experience may vary, but detoxing wasn't that bad. I was given Ativan as a "comfort med" and to ward off seizures; it made me drowsy but calmed the shaking. I still felt a little "off" when I was cleared to leave the hospital two days later, but now at eight days sober, it feels so good to be gaining my strength back, healing and knowing that my antidepressant will actually work instead of being cancelled out by the depressant that alcohol is. I probably wouldn't have tried to get sober if I hadn't been required to (it's a long story.) If you check in to the hospital, you have to be completely honest with the doctors about how much and how long you've been drinking so they know your withdrawal risks and can medicate you safely and appropriately. They can make recommendations for inpatient or outpatient rehab but doctors cannot force you to attend either, as far as I understand. That said, I'm going to be doing some outpatient rehab and have returned to my home group meetings. Please strongly consider detoxing at a hospital or rehab if you cannot safely quit on your own without experiencing withdrawal. If your medication is dangerous to take with alcohol and you're still drinking, that's all the more reason to do this very soon. Best of luck to you.

The Oracle of Omigod

You will have to severely cut down or you will pickle your liver. Go buy some Heinekin's Light. That is the closest thing to an actual beer that you can buy. Plan to drink two or three of those before dinner - and make sure that you have dinner planned to be ready when you have reached two or three. Eat well and hearty. Two Heinekin's Lights have the alcohol content of 1.2 beers.