Is drinking 2 or three beers a day mean you are an alcoholic even if you don't drive?


Emily Rose

No you're an alcoholic if you feel like you need it all the time it's not good ever but every once in awhile is better than everyday.


if you cant stop then you have a problem


an alcoholic is a person who must consume alcohol it doesn't have to be much but is generally on a regular basis driving has nothing to do with it


driving has absolutely NOTHING to do with whether you are an alcoholic or not. Do you NEED the beer? do you become an ****** when tipsy? Do you miss work due to your beer consumption? Do you spend your paycheck on beer instead of rent and food?Do your kids need clothes but another case of beer is more important? Answer those questions honestly.


The ONLY way to answer your question is for you to stop drinking. For 6 months. See if you CAN. If you cannot, then you are an alcoholic. Driving has nothing to do with whether or not you are an alcoholic


no, it doesn't. whether you drive or not is immaterial.. if you can't get through a day without drinking, your an alcoholic.


It's still not recommended.


Nope But it does not mean your not either You can drink once a year and be an alcoholic

Jackie M

Nothing to do with driving. If you can go a few days or at least one day without the alcohol then you are not yet and alcoholic.


You only qualify when you get a few drunk driving charges..and they stick.


Of course not! Everyone knows that, to be an alcoholic, you have to drive.


anyone who drinks alchohol is an alchoholic


not if its light bear