Is drinking two beers “substance abuse”?

I do not have a drinking problem nor am I a substance abuser, but the dogmatic people in my life who have an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and are extremely anti drug demonize and judge me for having one or two beers occasionally, am I really some drug addict substance abuser because of that?

Pat Wooden

Moderate use of alcohol may actually be good for your physical and mental health, provided you have not inherited a tendency for alcoholism (see link below). Abusing a substance means not using it in a correct or healthy way. So your casual drinking does not come under the term "abuse" unless you are not being honest with yourself about the amount you drink. Your wife is wrong, but you need to realize that to her any use of alcohol is bad, and she is projecting that onto you. Don't turn it into an argument, but just stand your ground and remind her of the definition of abuse.


No. You're fine. If it's every now and then, why worry about what others think, or say?! Beer is actually good for you, when you drink it like you're suppose to, and not over do it.

Emily Rose

No not all. Just because they have no self control doesn't mean that you don't. It sounds like they are jealous because you don't need it everyday and they do.


No, if you don't have 2 beers EVERY day, then you're fine. 2 beers a week is okay


Of course not.




No it's not.




Of course not.Enjoy your beer and tell them where to go.


Tell 'em to get f**ked.


Context? Without a context this cannot be answered. If you are asking this question, that is an answer itself. One who was not an addict would not question this. Then again, one who was completely out of it would also not question this until suffering from the addictions consequences.


Sounds like you're in denial and/or shouldn't be drinking.