Why is American beer looked down upon by beer enthusiasts?

I love Budweiser, Bud Light, Coors Banquet, Yuengling, and a few other American beers. I even drink foreign beers like Guinness, but for some reason a lot of people in bars think that American beer is watered down or something. But why the dislike of American beer?


Because all of the beers you mentioned (except maybe yuckling) are made with adjuncts (RICE). Beer should be made with Barley, yeast, water, and hops......Wheat can be used in place of some barley but that is about it. So the mainstream massed produced American beers are like screwing in a canoe (fing close to water) but there are hundreds of smaller American breweries producing FAR superior beers to anything found anywhere else in the world.


Tastes like pee water.


Budweiser, 5.0%ABV. Heineken, 5.0%ABV. Ignore the Idiots, drink whatever swill you like.


American beer is very watery. This was OK when workers had a pint with a lunch meal but is far too watery to be enjoyed as a drink. Americans like it cold and flavorless, especially due to Prohibition and Temperance movement which caused it to be exceedingly weak and flavorless - a drink to refresh the body from the heat of hard physical labor rather than to enjoy and get drunk. Even when there is alcohol the supermarkets have driven the prices down forcing manufacturers to replace expensive hops and barley with high fructose corn syrup for sugar for the yeast to make into alcohol, what there is of it. Bud, America's favorite beer is made with starch from rice to make alcohol, other brands use old broken up corn flakes! It's not even brewed properly, time develops flavor but that costs so it brewed quickly and pasteurised then filled with CO₂ bubbles much like coke - so it's more like pop than beer. The American beer is advertised as cool and refreshing, crisp and fresh, easy-drinking, all words that mean it's more like cold water than a real beer.


What ? Beer mugs turned sideways or upside down by beer enthusiasts tell you American beer made for the poor customers isn't good enough. USA-made craft beers are American start to finish. Having more flavors. Fruit flavored, like cherry, for example. IPA's that are more riveting than WW2 female shipyard workers. Cultured brews to make a Euro sit up and beg. .


American beers are usually weaker on %. You can drink Budweiser like it's coke. There are some decent American beers but none of them are great. I imagine the reason why they are looked down on even in America is due to us Europeans constantly trashing American beers, don't worry lots of beers that aren't American get trashed too. Fosters, Carlsberg, Stella, Carling

Captain Matticus, LandPiratesInc

Snobs will look down on nearly anything. That's why they're snobs. I don't like Budweiser or Coors or pretty much any American-style lager, but that's just me. I like Yuengling and I really like dark lagers (especially Kostritzer). Budweiser has a very sugary aftertaste that lingers and it makes me belch too much, which is why I don't like it. But I don't care if that's what other people want to drink. Then again, I'm not a snob. And considering the fact that every snob I've dealt with just swears by their home-brewed IPAs, then I doubt that they have any real right to judge anybody's tastes. IPAs all taste the same: awful.


Not all US beer is total crap - just that produced by the BIG BREWERIES! Some "craft beer" is amazing! Other "craft beer" is pretentious weasel-piss! Educate your palate, try everything - but always remember, if YOU really like it - who cares what other people say!


That was said surely by the Germans. The German beers are in fact like pees. I like beers, not pees. So I do love Budweiser.


Cuz it tastes bad.