Why is it impossible for me to sleep after drinking alcohol?



I don't drink, so I cannot answer this question.


Alcohol affects everyone differently. I sometimes have trouble too, sleeping after a few drinks because my mind is relaxed enough to start thinking a lot.

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It should make you sleep

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Alcohol is both a depressant and a stimulant. For most people they will go to sleep, but not stay asleep. The not being able to sleep part is while your body burns off the sugars...

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Alcohol is a depressant but can affect some people differently. As someone who deals with an anxiety disorder I know for myself that if I drink too much it can trigger a panic attack. I am pretty much a one or two drinks at most kind of guy for this reason. I dont know if this is whats happening for you, but it may be worth you looking into


It is not, you need to drink more, then you will fall asleep like a baby, but wake up 3 hours later needing to pee like a race horse!!!!!!!!


Because you lost your IQ to sleep