Can I make my spaghetti sauce NOT spit and spatter? Putting the heat down to the absolute lowest, the sauce still spits and spatters. :(?


Lisa A

Cover it with a lid or a splatter shield.

Adam D

A lid on your pan/pot. Or a screen to cover it (they make them specifically for this purpose).


That's what lids R 4


Just use a spatter guard.They're very cheap,and readily available,or use the pot cover,just open it a small crack.

The Oracle of Omigod

Put a lid on it.


Put a lid on it


You can buy a cover that looks kind of like a screen with tiny holes in it, and cover the pan with it, and it helps stop the food from splattering.


Put a top or lid on it.


Screen if you want it to breathe and reduce.


If your putting it down the lowest temperate setting, and it's still splattering, then there's nothing you can do not to make it splatter. But you can manage the splatter. Get a splatter guard (It's a big circle with a fine mesh screen.) It pops in the dishwasher and is a lot easier to clean than every vertical surface in your kitchen. Good luck, hon!

Uncle Pennybags

Cover it, either with a lid, or if you want it to vent, get one of those screens to prevent grease splatters.


I have the same problem. I have electric, with gas I never had that problem. I just use a lid.


Its probably too thick to do anything else. put a lid on it.


Cover it or use a taller pan


Stir a lot.


I suspect you're cooking it in a pan. Cook it in a pot.


I turn it off for a while and then start again. 15-20 minutes set aside.