I have some bread that been sitting on the counter was wondering if it good to eat?

I have some bread that been sitting on my counter with best by date of January 27 and I checked by looking through the whole entire loads of breads including the crust and I didn't notice no mold or discoloration just the little spots i assume of how they process the bread on the crust, safe to eat it?


if its not moldy and dry as a slab of wood, its fine to eat. What makes you think bread secretly spoils in such a way to be unnoticeable?


Stale bread is great for French toast or bread pudding! Either give you good use for a week or so after the Best if used by date.


Can you give us a clue? You say you've examined the bread and found nothing wrong with it. WHY might it be unsafe to eat?


Some people prefer old or aged bread. When i was in the Army, new bread was always faithfully set back and older bread served. Sounds like your bread has remained in its wrapper while sitting on the counter. As long as the wrapper does not have a little hole and water got into it, then, Great! When my mom was a kid and bread got blue mold spots, they thought it was special. She kept old bread in a sheet iron bin, with a decent coat of good rust. Once a month, she would make something special with it and meat loaf always had old hard bread in it.


If the bread has any nutritional value, it will be growing mold by now. Maybe not THICKLY enough that you notice it.

Gerry G

It should be just fine to eat.


Ck for mold or a bad odor


No mold,no problem.It would make great breadcrumbs.Use it now tho before its' too late.


If no mould, it will be safe, it will, however, be somewhat stale. Such bread will still be Ok for toast or fried bread. If you have quite a lot you may be able to find a recipe for bread pudding, either online or in a book on baking..


if soft then ok


I think so. As long as it’s not moldy I don’t see why not


If there's no mold or discolouration and it hasn't gone stale then yes it should be fine.

Terry C

No don't eat it you will get sick