How to use aquafaba without a hand mixer?

I wish to make a chocolate mousse. I have aquafaba already made but I only have a whisk, a blender, and a food processor, no electric whisk. I am using aquafaba (already made) to give the mousse the fluffy texture, but it will be a lot of work to whisk by hand and take a while. I was curious if blending on a low setting or even using my food processor would whip it up and give it that fluffy texture? Can anyone give some advice? Thank you.

Nikki P

In theory hand whisking should work but it will take quite a lot of whisking. Personal opinion I don't think it is worth the time you will spend whisking. But I do not like the taste or texture of the whipped aquafaba. If this is something that you might want to do more often I would spend the $20.00 and get a hand mixer, or even less and get one from a resale store. Just make sure you plug it in before you buy it to make sure it works


The blender or food processor won't cut it with eggs, so I'm guessing it won't for the aquafaba either. Get a big glass or metal bowl (don't use plastic - at least with eggs - any trapped oils keep them from whipping up) so you can be sloppy and not shoot it everywhere - and start whisking. Do you have any family or roommates to help take a whisking shift ;)