If I use less than a full can of evaporated milk for a recipe, can the remainder be frozen and used at a later time?


Nikki P

,Yes you can. If it is not much that you will be freezing freeze in small bits like 2 tablespoons each use them for coffee You could also use it to make oatmeal the next morning or Make a cake and use it as the liquid Make bread, usually an enriched bread will call for milk and or eggs. Make a casserole and use it as part of the liquid.. Evaporated milk was all my grandma used with making Mac-N-Cheese and when she dredged chicken or fish she used evaporated milk. Her Mac-N-Cheese was AWESOME!!!

Mr. Smartypants

Yes and no. Yes you can freeze it and thaw it out. But it separates, and you can't mix it back together again. You could use it in a recipe but you wouldn't want to drink it.


Milk does not freeze very well. I would remove it from the can and refigerate it. It should be good for a few days. It makes an excellent coffee creamer and can be used in baking in equal parts with milk (but will be sweater, so adjust the sugar accordingly). It also makes great French toast. Good luck!


It's cheap toss it




Yes .. but you need to treat it like ice cream. i.e ... "churn it" while it freezes .. or keep taking it out of the freezer and stir it while it freezes .. or it will separate.


yes, but I never can save mine, it tastes good in coffee