What should I add when cooking canned popeye spinach?

I usually heat it on the oven in a pot. Anything I could thrown in the pot to add more health or flavor?

Bubba Gubbins



garlic, lemon juice and pepper

Fat Brian šŸ„

A pillow

heart o' gold

Iā€™d probably add a little butter, salt and pepper.


Salt n butter always taste good with it


Some chopped fresh garlic. Very nutritional. But not dried or garlic salts.


Make it into a QUICHE.


I would add a little butter or margarine to it, maybe some salt or pepper if it needed it. I'm guessing canned spinach isn't seasoned.

Nikki P

Personal opinion here...Eat the can toss out the canned spinach. The frozen spinach tastes so much fresher and looks so much better. If you have to use canned I would drain it to get rid of the tinned can taste then add a bit of lemon juice to it to liven it up.


Butter, salt, pepper Add to some spaghetti sauce and put over cooked spaghetti noodles. Top with cheese.