Can I cook at my coworker s apartment?

It s super bowl Sunday and I m not really into football, but I need social interaction so I m not a complete shut in. My coworker is hosting a super bowl party in the same apartment complex that I live in. I offered to make deviled eggs for the party, but I woke up late this morning and if I cook them now, I ll be late for the party and my eggs might be upstaged by other things people might ve brought. I texted my coworker and asked if I could just cook at her place, but she hasn t responded. Do I just go over with my ingredients or do I make myself even later?

Salt and Peppy

You had plenty of time to make deviled eggs when you posted this. Heck, it's 2:30, right now, and you STILL have plenty of time to make deviled eggs. Do you even know HOW to make them? They literally take 10 minutes to cook. Put them in ice water for another 10 or 15 minutes, and then it'll take all of 5 or 10 minutes to peel, mix, and fill the egg halves. That is a total of around 30 minutes. How can you not have time for this?


you have 6 hours until kick off . you have time to make them at home .


You make yourself late. It is rude to invite yourself over to cook.

heart o' gold

No, make yourself later. The last thing a host or hostess needs is someone making an unexpected mess in the kitchen. When you get there, apologize for asking, acknowledge that it was a bad idea and suggest you were still groggy from just waking up and have come to your senses. What the heck were you thinking?


Are you unable to decide such things without asking others ?

retired old sarge

Call him ans ask..

Nikki P

Make the hard cooked eggs, will not take long at all. Put them in a pan and turn on the burner. Go take a shower. When your shower is done take the pan off the stove. Go get dressed. When you are dressed pour out the hot water and add cold. Go get your stuff ready to go. Cut the eggs, remove the yolks and add mayo and mash that all up. Stuff the halved eggs, leave.


The Super Bowl itself isn't for another 5 hours. Or you could make something that doesn't take as long to whip up. Trust me, no one will care what you bring. Think horde of locusts.


yes. why should ur place be the only messy place, spread it around.

I Call It Like I See It

It's considered to be rude, inconsiderate, and disrespectful to impose like that. You need to learn to plan better. If you go through with this don't be surprised if you're never invited over there again.


I guess


How should I know? Ask THEM!


Stay home by Urself

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

Why would you assume it is Ok to cook in another's kitchen?

The Oracle of Omigod

No, cook the eggs at your house. Her kitchen will be very crowded and busy. You should always be cooling hard cooked eggs with ice cubes anyway and they will peel better that way anyway. It is OK to show up late at the Super Bowl party because by then people may want devilled eggs.


Just stop by the store and get something like a box of wings or a prepared pizza you can heat up. Or even a bag of chips and some dip. She probably has other stuff going on in the kitchen and you would be in the way, plus you shouldn't do it without her say so.


whether you can cook in your coworkers apartment is up to your coworker, not total strangers on a web site.


No, don't just go over with your ingredients. First of all, that's a weird ask. You don't ask to cook your dish to pass at someone else's house. Second of all, there's a very real possibility your coworker hasn't responded because she doesn't want to tell you no, so without a yes from her, she's expecting you just won't do it and the issue will drop. Inviting yourself to cook in someone else's kitchen, during a party no less when she wants to be with her other guests and not be hovering with you in the kitchen, which she in no doubt would feel obliged to do, is very poor form. Go over there empty-handed before going over with a bag full of groceries that you have to cook. But don't go over empty-handed. Stop at the store and buy something, even if it's just a couple of bags of chips. When you show up, you'll say something like, "Well, I was going to make deviled eggs, but it got late, and I thought of doing them here, but I didn't hear back from you, so I thought better of it," and she says, "Oh, that would've been fine," know that it wouldn't have been fine and she's just saying that to be polite and to make it seem like she didn't ignore your text hoping you'd take the hint.


You wait until she replies, and you certainly don't just show up with the ingredients. Not everyone likes having other people cooking in their kitchen.