Whats better for frying? frying batter or eggs and flour?



Depends on what you're frying and your desired product. For fried chicken you can't beat the combo of seasoned flour, seasoned eggs, seasoned bread crumbs. Other deep fried items like fish might do well in a frying batter. Experiment and see which you like best


that would depend on what you are trying to accomplish? If you want breading, its the flour-egg-bread crumb method that works best. If you want batter fried, then its the batter.


Depends on what. For tempura, I have found that Japanese tempura mixture (to which you only add ice cold water, or at best an egg and ice cold water) is best. For Chinese chicken like General Tso's, eggs and cornstarch. For fish-'n'-chips, there are some good recipes by Brits like Gordon Ramsay and Heston Blumenthal: goggle them. Cheers. +++++