What's one thing you'd like to learn how to bake?

CB-- thanks but what would you like to learn how to bake? Croquembouche? Opera Cake? Homemade sourdough bread? Tarte Tatin? You also, in my humble opinion, do have to learn how to bake.

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This thing called "Monster Cake" off of a video game "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild". Its been done before on a Youtube Channel. It looked great, my goodness


Financiers. You have to have the right size pans ... AND you have to have a recipe. I tried an online recipe, but they didn't turn out like the ones at the French bakery here in town. So disappointing. I can bake everything else ... including macarons and madeleines. Cakes, pies, bread, cream puffs and napoleons, etc etc.




Some Bud cake

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I pretty much know how to bake anything. I would like to learn how to make New Orleans beignets or Salvadoran pupusas.




Cannelé de Bordeaux. I have some molds. I have the beeswax. I have what I think is a very good, very descriptive recipe. I just haven't had the time or nerve to try them.


Not really anything. If I wanted to i would bake it. As for failure, well, I have very low standards. I'll tell you what I have never made is baked Alaska. Baked Alaska with pistachio, vanilla and chocolate ice cream plus shots of exotic liqueurs.


A cheese soufflé.


Sandwich bread that isn't flat


You don't LEARN to bake you read and follow a recipe - not rocket surgery.