3 men jailed 4 life 4 setting fire to shop for money yet no jail for Cameron & Blair for doing same to entire countries: is this justice?


robert x: NO

NO: its not justice.. Blair Brown Cameron and many others should be in jail for war crimes


Mass murder doesn't count as murder apparently


Yes, Cameron and Blair didn't do it for the money.


if you are looking for justice you will not find it here except if you are poor you pay full price


No, they should be jailed for life at the Hague like pennyless Croatians and Serbs are, and Manuel Noriega was


Indeed, you have pointed the finger ta the two worst importers of trouble and May is a close third as Home secretary.


Indeed, Blair and brown sold out the country for money In the immediate aftermath of this case it was wrongly assumed to be a hate crime. As all crimes with ethnic victims are. Always the first assumption, racism at work every time.