Hi, I’m having a 12th birthday party and I’m wondering what foods we should buy for the buffet. It’s only around 15 people. Thanks?



Cheese straws, mini dinner rolls for simple filled rolls [ cream cheese & chive, chicken salad, ham & tomato/mustard, egg salad,], chips & salsa. Mini muffins, fruit kebabs & choc dip, jello pots.


dip,nacho's,chips,hot dogs [buns,patties,soda's [tea,punch,chicken wings,smores,finger foods,slaw,chilli,you really only need two different kinds of bites.Pigs in a Blanket,cup cakes,cookies, mini brownies, or tiny scones. Mini-burgers,cake,ice cream, Cheese Truffles ..ham/cheese,,,, Party food skewers,,,,BBQ ranch quesadilla wedges ,,, Guacamole,,,,Tortilla pinwheels ,, Chocolate fondue,,,popcorn,,,,fruits,,,,,Marinated bocconcini (Mozzarella balls),,,potato skins or potato salad hope this helps,happ birthday to u,have fun

Salt and Peppy: Idea 1

Idea 1: Pizza, bread sticks, antipasto salad. Idea 2: Taco bar... set out all the ingredients, and your guests will assemble their own tacos. Idea 3: Soup and salad... 2 or 3 different soups, and a tossed salad and a Caesar salad. Idea 4: Hamburgers and hot dogs, with assorted toppings, chips and dip. Idea 5: Wings! Chicken wings with different sauces and dips, served with french fries. Drink ideas: Soda, lemonade, fruit punch, tea, hot cocoa, etc... whatever you and your friends like.

Diane A

Pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips


Chips, salsa, hotdogs, pizza, cookies, fruit tray, popcorn bags, mini hotdogs, soft pretzel tray with cheese dip