Entertainment at 80th birthday?

I am having a party for my grandparents who will both be 80 in a short time frame. I booked the hall but should I get a DJ? Photo booth? Not everyone there will be 80 lol but about half will maybe. Any idea?


For my 80th birthday, I invited a group of friends, each of whom I'd known for 30 years or more. Of course, my children and grandchildren were there as well. It was fun for them to hear of escapades my friends and I had when we were young and spry. There were about 40 people in all. It was at a Mexican restaurant, and we had Mariachi musicians, and lots of good food. People took pictures with their cameras. My friends stood and told how they came to know me, and them I spoke about how thankful I am for everyone in my life. The time passed very quickly. There was a birthday cake, and my two youngest grandchildren helped me blow out all of the candles. I don't know what your grandparents like, but that is a an example of an 80th party. I will tell you that loud music doesn't really appeal to older people, because many of us can't get up and dance, and we can't hear over loud noises. For that reason, a DJ might not be the best idea, unless he plays songs from the 50's and 60's. Everyone could do a sing-along, however. I hope this helps.

Tad Dubious

Flutter', since it is not a SURPRISE party, you should ask your grandparents what they would like. For her 90th, my aunt just wanted a gathering of close friends and some pizza. We all had a great time. If they want something big, make sure that DJ has some of the Big Band music from the 40s and understands that "turning down the lights for a slow grinder" is not a great idea when it comes to old folk. They may still like a slow grind, but they need to SEE the dance floor.


a DJ playing music from their era would be good


A photo booth will be fun for younger people. And for SOME of the older people. Some older people don't like looking at how old they are and how lousy they look in photos. A DJ is a good idea. Make sure that at least half of the songs are songs that were popular in the 1950's ... in their teens, when music mattered the most to them. This music will bring back good memories of good times. Make it a mix of both rock and roll, easy-listening, and country music, all from the 50's. Chidren. Children brighten up a gathering .. which means you will want to cut back on the booze. But a lot of older people aren't drinking a lot of alcohol anymore. Children's enthusiasm makes people happy. If there ARE going to be children, hire a day-care worker to set up and direct some craft/activity that will keep the children busy once they start to get bored. SOMEONE has to keep an eye on them while the adults are distracted (and the ratio should be one worker per every 6 children).


Why don't you ask the guests what they and your grandparents would like to do? Are they the kind of social group that just wanna get pissed? Or would they rather enjoy some sort of activity or set of activities, and then a good party? Not big on ideas myself, but something more interactive than just food and booze. You will probably want a DJ that will accommodate more appropriate music than perhaps what most DJ's do. If you go down that route. Not criticising at all. Just suggesting :) Good luck!


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