What should i do for new year's eve?

i was invited to a party, but idk if it's a party with tons of people (which i would hate) or a party with a few friends. but also im not sure if i'd even wanna hangout with people because im sorta over the whole "making a big deal" about new year's eve night. it's just another night.


You could alway go, if it has people you like, stay a while. If not, go home before midnight.


Do what you feel like doing, its your decision.


Ryan, there's no way I know enough about you or the party to advise you. Nor can anyone else on this board make the decision. The participants range in age from 13 to nearly dead, and all of us have developed basic coping skills that may not at all be appropriate for you. Look, go to the party but set up an escape route. Have someone call you a half-hour after your arrival. If its a bad scene, express surprise at the call, give your excuses and leave. If all is well, say thanks and "I'll see your later". Best I can do with the information I have.