I love to eat at the Chinese buffet a lot!! ?

Do you like to go to the Chinese buffet ,what are your favorite items ?


We have a good buffet here. I haven't been there in a while. Favorites in one meal... - Kung Pao chicken - Mongolian beef - garlic shrimp (if they have it that day) - happy family or happy season - pork fried rice - egg rolls - general Tso chicken I really pig out at a Chinese themed buffet.


Why you dirty dog. You had to bring it up. But you did. Look, let's face it I like it all. Let me be frank with you. The buffet food is not as good as personally prepared. It is still in part steam table food. I am pointing this out merely because I am not there. I am a spoil sport. The egg rolls are soggy., I got complaints with the foo young, The shrimps with lobster sauce is a disgrace. I liked the peppersteak with green peppers. the sweet & sour pork. was made from mnced cutlet. I used to like the red-painted broiled pork slices in broth and lobster cantonese. My all time favorite was shrimp fried rice.


theirs nothing like chinese food. I love sweet and sour pork, fried rice


Mapo doufu


No, but I have Chinese takeaway regularly


My favorite Chinese item to eat is the pussy. And I ain’t talkin’ cats.


No.. I'm afraid of getting sick