Why are tamales so popular when they're disgusting?

Just tried one and nearly threw up. It was a tamale from El Pollo Loco.


just because YOU don't like them means nothing. plenty of other folks love them.


They wouldn't be popular if they were that bad.


Tamales are very good in my opinion.


if anyone thinks they are disgusting, then they've never had a home town mexican grandma make them for them.... I mean real good eatin' , these store bought crap things are disgusting.... find a mexican friend and ask if their mom or grandma can make you some fresh...


It's the lard, they're made with lard.

Richard D

Then what are enchiladas?


Life rule #3 - never eat in a restaurant that advertises on TV.

Utility Account

I failed Spanish in High School but isn't that the crazy chicken? Not a name that would inspire confidence or suggest a delicious treat.

Master Of Puppets

First mistake was getting one from El Pollo Loco. They claim to serve "authentic" Mexican food, but they really don't. They're about as authentic as Panda Express is authentic Chinese food. Try a real one from an actual Mexican restaurant and you'll taste the difference. Though in my opinion, I think tacos de sesos (beef brain tacos) are more disgusting than tamales.


I too wonder, I was going to try my first Taco; I got a Taco from Taco Bell and tossed it immediately. Smelt like feces.


It is an acquired taste, not unlike beer or brussel sprouts.