If you order food from the menu at a Chinese buffet, do they make it fresh?

It so they take it from the buffet? The waitress I spoke to said they make it fresh but i am not sure if I believe her. It is a buffet restaurant.


Could be either way (depends on the restaurant).


They wouldn't take it directly from the buffet, but if the kitchen was preparing some of the same item as they were getting ready to replenish on the buffet, they might take some of it for your order. Either way it will be fresh.


Foods served in a buffet are made in large quantities, and often 'partly made' well before hand. This is a common practice in restaurants. For example, cooking pasta. It is boiled about 4 minutes as much as two days ahead of time and put back into water to 'finish it off' just before serving. In Achinese restaurant, things like pork ribs may be made the day before and finished off just before serving. So as to 'fresh', due to the volume of food served, it is probably not made just before serving.


I don’t know if you’ll ever really know unless you know someone who works there or give them a real good tip to get the truth.


Not all the time