Whats the difference between bleached flour and enriched bleach flour?

I eat bleached wheat flour, enriched flour, enriched bleached flour. I looked up the ingredients in each of the products I've eaten and they're all containing wheat because of the flour... Is that true? Can someone answer this? Does all flour contain wheat?

Karen L

Enriched flour, bleached or not, has some nutrients added, vitamins and minerals. They are things that were present in the whole grain but have been removed, purposely or otherwise, during the milling process. No, not all flour has wheat, though when people say 'flour' without any other description or reason to believe otherwise, it is assumed to be wheat flour. You can make flour out of almost anything, but if it isn't wheat flour that case there'll be another word before flour saying what kind it is. Corn flour, rice flour, etc etc


No. You can have rice flour, soybean flour, rye flour, sorghum flour . . . . all sorts of things. However, unless some other plant is mentioned, the flour is all wheat.


No there are different types of flour, but the ones you mentioned are all wheat flowers.


all flour is made from wheat unless it states otherwise. flour is wheat, ground fine. Generally you cannot find many non wheat flours in a regular grocery store. Most folks go to health food or specialty stores for that. If its enriched(and most is), it has the nutrients restored that was lost in processing. Because it doesn't say enriched doesn't necessarily mean it hasn't been though.


Wheat flour is made from wheat. Rye flour is made from rye. Rice flour is made from rice ... Generally, unless they specify something OTHER than wheat, the flour will BE made from wheat. The healthiest wheat flour is whole wheat because they haven't removed part of the nutrients. Unbleached flour is wheat flour where they have removed the wheatgerm. it is not as healthy. Bleached flour has been bleached .. and hope they have added (enriched) some artificial nutrients, because otherwise there is nothing in it to keep an organism alive (if that was all they ate).


ALL flour is ground-up wheat unless it specifically says it comes from some other grain. Enriched usually means it has added vitamins. Bleached means it's bleached to make it whiter.


NO, not all flour contains wheat. But as with all grains, they share a little bit of this and that which doesn't mean a whole lot when it comes to cooking and baking. I love to use oat flour... simple... put a cup full in your blender and within 30 seconds you have flour. Also you can make your own fresh butter from heavy cream. Again with your trusty blender, pour in 2 cups and add some salt. Now I normally use 1/8 tsp. Turn on the blender for a short moment and then off so you can push the solids back down and go again. What will happen is the solids and liquids separate. The liquid is "whey" and pour it out before you scoop out the butter.


The default grain in "flour" is wheat. However, there are other forms of flour.