Never had raisins before!! What are they?? Are they any good?

All I know is they’re some type of fruit or something?? What are they made from? What do they taste like??


They are dried grapes, taste nothing like grapes. You have a dollar? Go to the grocery store and buy a small box of raisins and TRY them.


raisins are dried grapes. whether you like them or not is up to you.


They are dried grapes. I enjoy them on occasion

Mrs. Frankenstein

Dried grapes. They can taste sweet or sour, but mostly, they are just sweet, kind of like figs or dates. I can't describe it very well because they are just raisins and I've eaten them my whole life.


Dried grapes. They're very sweet and quite nice mixed with something else like cereal or in a apple strudel/pie. The burst of sweetness is quite nice.

Sunday Crone

Dried grapes. Yes they are good.

Max Hoopla

They taste like chicken.


Raisins are dried rabbit feces, not a real fruit. Do NOT eat them!