So what is a pizza?

Is it made of broccoli? I can't believe you guys actually honestly answered this question. Most boring group of people I've ever met.


It is not made of broccoli


There is with broccoli base . It is rather good


This is a pizza 🍕

SunStaar Raja Singh

an ancient Delicacy of India composed of a flatbread topped with yummy ingredients and sometimes a sauce and cheese as well

ღAmayAღ (Pond)

Well, not EXACTLY... But it tastes just like broccoli ideally SHOULD have tasted! In order for us humans to eat more of it. ;)

Rock It!

They have cauliflower crust pizza.

SSP Bowl Dude

It can be.






the best pizza ever


I am not sure any more. I had one a while back from a Indi section of town, 1 furture back was Egyption, Different cheeses & sauce. different bread for crust, I am sure of. Then there is my triple stacker. Then there is a ST. Beneto. More like a pot pie. In a pan. Top crust brown bottom crust soft. Then there is the Asian Mex pizza. A white corn meal bottom crust, with sauce, fish, & a bit spicy for Mexicans. Seen several place here in the last 6 months in Asia open or change to Asia Mex stile or Mexican Asia stile foods.


Not compulsory.


No. It's delicious. You need to try one. No broccoli. Ever!!!!!


A thin dough which forms a bread or crust....With sauce and cheese and additional toppings if you desire.


No it’s made of dough and cheese and tomato sauce I mean if you really so wish you can add it as a topping


something i love to eat


Traditionally it's baked rolled out flat dough layered with passata, basil and mozzarella I'm modern day America it's a mountain of greasy cheese with any topping possible

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