What about headcheese? Has headcheese gone the way or history? Is there a vegan headcheese?

There will never be a vegan headcheese because no vegan would have enough imagination. You can't get meatier than a headcheese. I figure the pork shoulder idea is a whole nother dish. Aren't you supposed to bake it inside the pigs head?


Not unless you can find a vegan pig. The stuff is made by skinning a pig's head, boiling it, and in seasoned broth. When the meat is cooked, it is separated from the skull and cut in smaller chunks. The cooking liquid continues to boil until the gelatin is released from the bones and somewhat reduced. Then the chopped meat, and cooking liquid is put in a mold to set. There is no cheese. Beside there being little demand from a long period of unavailability, people who know how it's made may be put off by the process.


Yes. It is made of the heads of vegans.


I don't think there would be such a thing as "vegan headcheese", because the dish is made from the head of a pig. That means there are all kinds of meat parts in it. Cheese is not an ingredient. You skin a pig's head and put the head into a large pot of water and boil it. (You take out the eyeballs first, if you like). Then, after it's "well-boiled", you take the head out and the meat will fall off of the skull. The skull can continue to cook in the broth that is made, and gelatin comes out of the bones. (That gelatin is what jello powder is made out of, by the way). The meat that comes off the bones is ground up or diced. You then set it in a mold with the gelatin and broth and refrigerate it. This was considered a delicacy in rural America some years ago, when there was little else to eat, and some early immigrants served it in the 19th century. My grandmother in Arkansas had a recipe for it. They used to make it when it was "hog-killing" time after the first freeze in autumn. It has to be seasoned well with red pepper, salt, and some other spices to be edible. It is usually sliced like a lunch meat. I don't think vegans would like it at all.


Headcheese [brawn in England], is usually made of all things 'pig', A lot of the 'bits' not generally sold over the counter [meat from the head, tail, ears, maybe liver & kidney,] formed into a 'loaf' held together by gelatine that can be made from boiling down pigs trotters [ like a savory clear jelly thats been seasoned.] vegan'cheese', would not be the same at all, unless you made a herby/mint jelly with agar agar.


Head cheese is still sold in states where the population is strong Eastern European. A good headcheese is fantastic: its just a pate made of the meat of the heads of the hog, otherwise wasted, and highly spiced. AND I have no idea if there is such a thing as vegan headcheese...who's head meat would you use?? I suppose you could make it from ground nuts or tofu or something along those lines. EDIT: If you just used the meat from the pig, there would be no head to bake it in. My mother put it in the lining of the pigs stomach, much like sausage is made in the intestines of that same pig.


There is a way to make "headcheese" without the head of a pig, but is still requires pig. You can use a shoulder instead, and it is even easier if it is ground pork to begin with. Into a large pot place 1 chopped onion, 2 lbs ground pork, and 1 TBSP allspice. Cover and cook on low heat for about 8 hours. Check that you haven't run out of water every so often. If you really want to make a cheese mold with it, you would add a couple sheets of gelatin at the end. Otherwise you get potted meat. I suppose you could try to do this with tofu or even mashed navy beans... but it just wouldn't be the same.


We have it sometimes. We are an Italian family and have meat and cheese trays at affairs sometimes.