Is gyro meat lamb or older sheep? Lamb is so expensive, I find it hard to believe they would charge so little for a gyro. + its mixed w beef?



Gyro here is older chopped mutton. Then pressed & glued together. It is side cooked vertical roasted. so as it is trimmed & served the next slice cooks. Is hot. Sold by street cart vendors. Not cafes. So New Zealand scrap sheep & trimmings it is made from. Has 3 or 4 types each spiced different. Sold here. But we are not that far from New Zealand here. Mostly sold near the beach's & such as tourist fodder.


The gyro refers more the style of preparation and seasoning. Traditionally it was lamb.


its chopped up so it probably is older sheep meat. Or, it might be a mix..ANY time an animal is butchered there is always bits of meat left here and there that is often removed from the bones with a machine so it doesn't go to waste. That meat often becomes sausage, ground meat, etc.


A Gyro is usually Sheep, but it can be beef or chicken as well. A young sheep's meat is from a Lamb, an old sheep's meat is called Mutton. Usually, a Gyro uses Lamb meat, as Mutton can be quite tough.


You can get any kind of meat... they ask which. Lamb is cheap in Europe fyi.


The meat of older sheep is mutton.

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Usually, gyro is pork. But it can be just about any meat than one can compact into a cone shape, so beef, lamb, goat... whatever you have. Shawarma or donner kebab, being more middle eastern or Turkish won't be done with pork -- against Islamic and Jewish traditions; pork is never kosher or halal. So, it's done with lamb or beef. As for expense, it depends on where the lamb comes from; local lamb is usually cheaper than imported lamb, and, once you cut it up you would never know whether it is actual lamb or mutton. However, whether Greek (gyro is usually the Greek version of vertical roasting) or middle eastern style is used, the meats are seldom mixed together.

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Hi so lamb is a young sheep when it gets to be older it is called something else. the term is usually Mutton.