Am I fake coffee drinker?

I like the flavor of coffee but only if it has another flavor to slightly overpower it, like caramel, white chocolate or mocha, things like that, but it still tastes coffee-y. Also is it immature to love Frappuccinos? I feel pressured because most people only drink black coffee and americanos. Then there’s me. I mean no one is pressuring me or anything, but I feel like a fake. Should I just continue to be myself? What should I do?


No, coffee is coffee no matter what flavor it is. TBH no one cares.


I will let you into a little secret that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life. Nobody really cares what you do, say, eat, wear, dance to in the kitchen or sing in your car. Take your coffee how you like, after all it is for you and you are the one paying for it.


Just have what YOU like. You aren't forcing others to have what you like why should you care what they like and try to act like you do too.


Of course your going to always run into a pretentious jerk who talks down on what you like. This is true of life in general. Be happy and drink it the way you like it. Life is too short to waste on worrying about what other's have to say.


Frankly, the "immature" part is posting a question like that. So far as adults go, no one cares what you drink.


No one cares what other people drink or eat.


no one cares really, and i don't think that label "fake coffee drinker" is even a thing. drink whatever as you wish.


nobody would really think youre a fake coffee drinker, because its not really something other people worry about


I can't tell if you're being serious or not. If you are being serious, then like other answerers have said, it doesn't matter what you prefer to drink. Oh but if you want to try drinking coffee with fewer flavorings and less sugar you can start by brewing black coffee and add a lot of cream. This might help you transition, if you decide to.


I think you are a good cofee drinker.

Dreamer girl

Personally I feel you, I don't like coffee but everyone I know lovoooves it and I used to only drink a coffee drowned in hot coco lol. I eventually quit drinking it cause the calories and sugar weren't good for me. To each their own