Can I drink a cup of black coffee after waiting 24 hours without throwing up?

I drank cup of black coffee but I waited 24 hours after doing so, I am in the clear now right?


black coffee is a clear liquid and can be consumed directly after throwing up if you want to. Clear liquid diet is recommended to give the stomach a rest after being ill. coffee( no cream or sugar) tea, apple juice, chicken or beef broth, gator ade, jello, all are on a clear liquid diet.


You can eat whatever you want


Why would you have to wait 24 hours and why would you throw up?


If I am understanding your question, you are saying that you were throwing up but have not for 24 hours. You have just drunk a cup of coffee and want to know if you are likely to vomit it. None of us have access to your medical history nor can we exam you to see how sick you are or what the cause of illness was. So none of us can guess if you will be OK having drunk the cup of coffee. Usually if you go 24 hours without vomiting you should be able to keep down "clear liquids", which would include a cup of coffee. I probably would have started with some just plain water, but then I am not a coffee drinker and so do not have to have daily fix of coffee. You will either keep it down or not.


Just wondering do you have a low tolerance for caffeinated drinks? Most people can drink more than one cup a day. Are you pregnant? More information is needed to say.