Why does my brewed coffee doesn’t taste as good as the one from the k-cups?

I just recently tried and fell in love with Community Coffee’s breakfast blend, prepared in a Keurig machine. I use one k-cup for 8 oz. Then I bought the same ground coffee and brewed it as directed for 6 oz in a regular coffee maker, but it did not taste as nice, so I keep going back and forth between the Keurig and the regular machine. Do the k-cups contain more ground coffee? Or what would be the reason? I really want to improve my brewing rather than continue using the k-cups, since I don’t think they are good for the environment. Thanks!


The K-cups are always just-opened fresh because of the seal. The big can oxidizes and goes a little stale over time after it's opened. I'm sure it will taste the same if you brew it with a freshly opened can. ...and clean coffee maker. Too many people leave their coffee maker closed after they use it, letting mold and stale water build up. Not to mention regular biuldup.

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It take practice to dial in any sort of food or beverage preparation. Just keep trying different things, do you need to use more coffee, less, is if filtered in a way you like, etc. Just keep fooling around with it til you figure out how to do it perfectly for you.


It really depends. I always use 2 tablespoons of ground coffee per 6 ounces of water, but my dad insists this is way too strong. Try experimenting with different ratios of coffee to water. Also, you might try different brewing methods. When my Keurig died, I decided to reclaim the counter space (I have a really tiny kitchen) and did some experimenting. I found that I like pour-over coffee, but had trouble keeping it hot enough in the winter. I moved to a French press, which has worked out really well for me. I use an insulated Coffee Gator one (I got it at Amazon on a daily deal) and let it steep for 4 minutes and 30 seconds, and that's just right for me. Again, way too strong for my dad.