Can I drink coffee with creamer now?

So i been well for 2 days now cause I had just came down with a mild stomach bug but was wondering now is it safe now i can drink coffee with creamer now since I waited a couple of days now?


You have been posting this crap for two days


Yes, in fact it would be better to drink it with cream now because it will be less acidic on your stomach and more hydrating.

Fat Brian 🐄



Wait until you are eating regularly again. Coffee is hard on the stomach and is your system has been short on food, the caffeine can have a very unpleasant reaction for you.


Ask your parents .


I had to stop!!! Every single time, stomach ache and sometime diarrhea. I switched to almond or coconut milk or coconut oil and fixed me up!!!

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I would not. Green tea would be better for a few more days.