How much soda do you drink?

It just occurred to me that some people like, actually drink soda every day? I dont think i had it every day when i was young, but i recall i stopped completely in high school because my track/xc coach made a mantra out of "runners dont drink POP. Are you insane? Dont you want to be fast?!" And now it just tastes kinda gross to me. How often do you have soda, and how much?


At least 2 bottles of Diet Coke a day.

SSP Bowl Dude

None. Stopped in 2004.

It is me

I never drink soda.


A couple per week


A couple of times a week usually


I drink 2 or 3 cans of Diet Squirt and/or some diet ginger ale. A day. Yes.

Karen L

I can't even remember the last time I had what most people think of as soda, like Coke and Sprite and so on. In summer I sometimes get an Italian fizzy lemonade which actually has real lemon in it. I might go through half a dozen of those every year.


none. I would love to but my stomach says otherwise.


It's my custom to have 12 ounces of Splenda Coke for lunch daily. I try to avoid sugars and other simple carbs, but like my mid day Coke. And, I'm deathly allergic to Aspartame.


I dont drink it except on rare occaisions.


I sometimes have some (preferably Dr Pepper) at work, because it's free and I need the caffeine. (Not gonna spend 2.50 on a Monster out of my own pocket+we don't often have access to coffee). Otherwise very rarely.


I drink soda maybe twice a year


Occasionally buy cheap Coke in large bottles, which can last me months.


I drink a lot of Diet Coke


I drink it occasionally



Pearl L

i used to drink it everyday too for a long tinne and about 10 yrs ago i stopped it altogether, it was nnessing with nny joints, i dont drink it at all now