Is egg cream soda popular in New York?

It’s apparently made with milk, caronated water, and flavored syrup which doesn’t sound that great. Is it an actual thing??


Ever had Italian soda? It's just an Italian soda that has dairy in it. example: lemon syrup + soda water = lemon soda + 1/4 cup of cream. Now it's creamy with bubbles. Yes, it tastes good. edit: Make a caramel sauce. Put 1/3 cup in a large glass, fill the rest with soda water. Stir. THAT is a caramel cream. Tell me it's not delicious.

Pearl L

it nnight be


sounds like it would taste like a float, like root beer or orange float. Nothing wrong with that.


Delicious. It contains neither egg nor cream. The name is a corruption of the French "chocolate et crème". Traditionally, the only flavor is chocolate but I used to like lemon-lime egg creams and knew someone who liked grape.


That sounds disgusting, whoever invented that needs mental treatment.