Is it true that caffeine stunts growth?

I’m 17 and I have a bit of a coffee addiction. Now before you tell me I shouldn’t be drinking coffee or whatever, I know, so save your breath. I just want to know if it’s true that coffee makes you stop growing because I’m already so short




not true. Thats a VERY old wives tale.

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I have 3 kids who drink caffeinated drinks alot and one is average height and the other two are extremely tall. I will tell you that too much caffeine will cause you to have mood swings and bouts of depression, so try to balance it out with water, juice and tea whenever possible.


No, caffeine does not stunt growth. You do most of your growing when you''re sleeping, and it is true caffeine can interfere with sleep. However, your body is going to find times to grow the amount you would have grown if you didn't sleep as well, until your growth plates are done extending. Nutrition, though, can highly impact your growth. Hope this helped. Max


No, but too much caffeine of it is definitely unhealthy for the heart, But you're 17 so you're immortal, right?


How short/tall are your parents?


theres no evidence that caffeine stunts growth....drink up :)