Which is worse and dont say both. soda or energy drinks?

its for a paper im writing

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Energy drinks are worse. They have more sugar than soda, and the caffeine content of 8 cups of coffee. Heart palpitations, aggression, weight gain, and kidney problems have all been reported in people who consume 4-5 energy drinks per day.


Energy drinks. I almost thought I was going to have a heart attack after I had three. Never had one again since...


energy drinks!!


If you are writing a paper regarding this subject don't expect others to do your work for you. Research and study the subject and then you can form your own opinion and write the paper accordingly and in your own words.


I would say it would depend on the types of soda and energy drinks. If you compare Sierra Mist Natural with Red Bull, I would say the soda is better based on ingredients and no caffeine. If you were comparing Red Bull with Mountain Dew, well that's a little harder to determine. Maybe compare nutrition labels to get a better idea?


Energy drink. Red bull vs coke.


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Energy drinks.

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Energy drinks.


energy drinks


Both are incredibly awesome. Energy drinks are better though. The only worse thing about this question is the fact you started a sentence without a capital letter.

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Energy drinks are worse. They have more sugar than soda, and the caffeine content of 8 cups of coffee. Heart palpitations, aggression, weight gain, and kidney problems have all been reported in people who consume 4-5 energy drinks per day.


Energy Drinks. They're high in sugar, taste gross, and smell even worse! They're nothing but colored over sugared waters in a fancy can. I tried a small drink of one about 12 years ago, and one small sip made me so sick to my stomach, and triggered a chronic migraine for DAYS!


my cat peed in my energy drink so im gonna say energy drinks

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Energy drinks themselves are worse - they have just as much sugar and artificial coloring as a soda, but the extra ingredients to "energize" them makes them worse, usually. The ones in the smaller cans/shots especially, because, since it FEELS like you're not drinking a lot of drink, you're more tempted to drink more than one - which makes the energy stuff dangerous. That said, at least energy drinks have the warnings and people generally realize they're dangerous. And they aren't marketing them to children.

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I’d say energy drinks because fhey can give you heart problems and have way more sugar than soda.

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Energy drinks. They have more sugar and too much caffeine it messes with your heart.


Soda. Energy drinks have good stuff in them.


Energy drinks


Don't ask here. 95% of the people here don't now what they are talking about. You want to FLUNK your paper?

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it depends on what commercial you're looking at.


Energy drinks are full of sugar and caffeine. therefore they are bad for you.

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Papers are not just things you are told to do. They are designed to reduce your ignorance, give your inner idea an outlet, increase your critical thinking, increase research gathering abilities and verbal and written skills. You are supposed to use your brain and research the health effects of each variable. Not ask someone to make your mind up for you. I am not sure what grade you are in but if you are 16 and older your teacher will most likely be expecting some sources and materials that gave rise to your final conclusion. Now that I have scolded you, here is a basic framework you can use Introduction outlining your goals for the paper what are energy and soft drinks differences between given variables such as cultural and estimated usage in a given demographics (higher level) deeper look into energy drinks What are the ingredients how do they affect the body and behavior include sources repeat for soft drinks weigh up the differences and come to your own personal conclusion and why. Both variables have this in common, in a given scenario they each have their merits, however overall I find that trait x makes variable A better or worse because.. end of paper. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to essays like these, because it is your personal truth founded from evidence and personal opinion, and maybe peer reviewing your classmates paper might make you change your mind. That is how we grow as people. Please take your education more seriously. There is a point to all of this. My personal opinion is energy drinks. Figure out why for yourself.

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Energy drinks because of the caffeine amount


Don't tell what too do.


BOTH * lol.....had to say it cuz u said DONT say both hahhaha ....i would say soda has sooo much sugar in it..but i feel (my opinion) energy drinks are worse for you¬*


I would say it depends on the type of soda and energy drink and we cannot compare those by drinking only one type of brand drink.


Energy drinks, because they have a high sugar content, sodas have this to, but there are sugar free alternatives.


You won't get many answers because you don't say worse for what. I mean worse for the environment? Worse for your health? What?


Neither. They’re both great! 👍