Can humans survive not eating vegetables? Please read.?

My grandmother died at 90.. She s Asian and eats rice and fish throughout her life.. I ve never seen she eat vegetables.... Growing, I ve always been told to eat my vegetables.. However, my grandmother died living a fulfilling style and here I am eating vegetables atleast once a day.. What gives? I don t feel any different

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Really? JUST rice & fish? Where in asia is she from? No seaweed? No chilli? No sauces? No pickles? No fermented thing (eg kim chi)? Not a sliver of ginger? Sounds incredibly restrictive and unlikely that she ONLY ate rice amd fish.


Maybe. But rice has no iron. So did she use a cast iron wok? Did she eat a clear broth soup with the rice? Fish soup with Morning leaf A spice for most & rice is a perfect diet. What was her arsnic count? Rice has a lot of arsnic in it. Kills some. Did she drink a herbal tea? Some strange things there. But Asians do eat less vegetables than most do.


You may be able to survive, but your health will suffer form lack of roughage and lack of some important vitamins. Our body uses vitamins to trigger chemical reactions that keep us healthy and/or alive. As for your grandmother living to age 90, everyone's body is different, and mostly it depends on what we have inherited. But we never KNOW what we have inherited until we get sick ... by which time it is too late. HALF of every plate SHOULD be vegetables. For some people this will be hugely important. For others, not as important. I have an 88-year old neighbor who smokes cigarettes and has no problems from it. Yet I know someone who died from smoke-caused lung cancer in their 30's, and they never smoked . .it was second-hand smoke. Every BODY is different.


Rice IS a vegetable. And just because you've never seen her eat other vegetables doesn't mean she didn't.


she probably had good genes


Asians have adopted to living on the foods Found in that area. They are genetically Different from other races as Irish, Indian, African, Russian, Italian and other nations Have a different food resource adaptation History. Food selection is partially dictated By your ancestry countries adaptation. Some people can't eat certain foods because Their family was never from that country.


I believe there is a tribe in Africa that drinks only cows blood.

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I must take medicines for my mental illness which cause constipation. I've problems with gallbladder, too. That's why I replaced fruits and vegetables by multivitamins as dietary supplements. This works.

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Yes. Plenty of Eskimos eat nothing but Whales.


Technically speaking vegetables are not entirely good for you, they do not contain essential vitamins like B12 or D3, eating meat is actually healthier for you then eating vegetables is.